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American Horror Story Spoiler’s Via TV Guide

Details about the second season of American Horror Story, have mostly been kept under wraps. What is known: The second installment of Ryan Murphy’s anthology series takes place in the 1960s at a Catholic Church-run sanitarium in New England that’s headed up by Jessica Lange and Joseph Fiennes. (Also, this season will be fittingly subtitled Asylum.) What’s not known: Pretty much everything else — until now.

Ryan Murphy reveals the title of American Horror Story‘s second chapter

Murphy finally clued fans in on Tuesday during a Twitter Q&A, during which he revealed who the new Rubber Man is and teased Lange’s new character, who happens to be a nun. Check out the five best teases below:

1. Season 2 really is different. Really: For those who didn’t watch the first season, Murphy says you can start watching now without knowing anything. “It’s a completely new story,” he wrote. He also reiterated there would be no parallels to Season 1. “Not a single thing…except some of the actors.” The returning castmembers include Zachary Quinto, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters and Lily Rabe with new castmembers Adam Levine, Jenna Dewan, Clea DuVall, James Cromwell, Mark Consuelos, Chloë Sevigny and Chris Zylka. Also, this season will have 13 episodes and seven of them are already written.

2. Heroes vs. villains: Though Murphy previously said returning actors would be playing the polar opposite of their characters from Season 1, he teased that Lange’s nun would be a little bit villain and heroine.

3. Haunted Halloween: One way in which Season 2 will be similar is that there will be a Halloween-centric episode early in the run. “The second episode is our amazing Halloween episode,” he wrote. This means, Horror Story could return on Wednesday, Oct. 24 if FX wants the episode to actually air on Halloween.

4. The new Rubber Man: If you missed Murphy’s photo of new castmember Levine, one of the new horrorific elements of the new season was introduced.  “Bloody Face is this year’s Rubber Man,” Murphy said. Who do you think is scarier?

5. A new theme:  Last season’s opening credits provided many hints at what would be in store for the season, which is why there will be a new sequence this year. “We are shooting a new title sequence with the same team that did last year’s,” Murphy wrote. “The song may stay…not sure.”  Here’s hoping they keep the same font.

American Horror Story – Season 2 – Called Asylum

The second chapter of American Horror Story, which will feature characters in a mental institution, will be fittingly called “Asylum,” FX announced Wednesday.

“We picked ‘Asylum’ because it not only describes the setting — an insane asylum run by Jessica Lange’s character which was formerly a tuberculosis ward — but also signifies a place of haven for the unloved and the unwanted,” executive producer Ryan Murphy said in a statement. “This year’s theme is about sanity and tackling real-life horrors.”

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