Jenna Dewan Tatum Opens Up: ” I Always Think If Women Bond Together, It’s Crazy Powerful”

On an unusually cool day in Los Angeles, we head to a downtown studio to meet up with Jenna Dewan Tatum, who greets us with a big hug and a hot cup of tea. She’s only just recovered from a bout with the flu, but she’s already back to normal and working hard: The 35-year-old currently stars as Lucy Lane on CBS’s Supergirl and is also the new face of the Reebok ZPrint sneaker, a collaboration she’s thrilled about.

“After becoming a mom—before I was a mom, to be honest—I just loved the idea of being comfortable, yet fashionable,” says Dewan Tatum, whose daughter, Everly, is nearly three years old. “These shoes are sleek, cool, and fun, and their initiative is really up my alley. I love being confident and strong, yet comfortable and approachable.” The adjectives that Dewan Tatum uses to describe the sneakers can easily be applied to the actress herself. She’s inviting, warm, and, well, a cool girl. When talking about life at home with husband Channing Tatum, she refers to him often as “Chan” and speaks openly about their daily routine and life. And she’s a mega star around the globe—but if Dewan Tatum realizes it, she doesn’t show it. Over the course of the next hour, we sat down exclusively with the actress to talk about her career, life in the spotlight, and what she wishes she could change about the entertainment industry.

Glamour: Which TV or movie role are you proudest of?
Jenna Dewan Tatum: All of the roles I’ve done sort of lead to the next. I like to think that I was thrown into acting from being a dancer, so every role I learn something. I feel the most fun I ever had was Witches of East End, and we became such good friends with everyone. That role was so my free-spirited self that I got to play everyday. I really liked doing that show. It was such a good, guilty pleasure, and it was the most fun I’ve had for sure. I think my most fulfilling role is still yet to come.
Glamour: It was so fun watching you on The Mindy Project.
Jenna: That was so fun! That was really, really fun. Mindy is really, really sweet.

Glamour: What role scared you the most?
Jenna: I’m always a little bit scared [of everything], but that’s a good feeling to have. The first day on set is always a little bit like having the butterflies and learning to get into the flow. American Horror Story—when I signed on to do that, I had no idea what I was doing. Some morning I got a script and some of the things I had to do were a little raunchy. I remember being like, “My dad is going to watch this. Cool. OK…” But we had so much fun, and we made it a really comfortable situation.