Jenna Chats ‘American Horror Story,’ Jessica Lange, and The Sexiness of Season Two

Horror fans might already know the name Jenna Dewan-Tatum for her roles in The Grudge 2 and the cult hit Tamara, but they’re about to see a whole new side of the actress on October 17 when FX premieres American Horror Story: Asylum at 10 PM ET. Playing one of “the lovers” alongside acting newbie Adam Levine, Dewan-Tatum brings her coy sexiness to one of TV’s most frightening shows and with Ryan Murphy at the helm, we can only imagine what we’re going to see.

FEARnet recently sat down with the actress to chat about American Horror Story, meeting Jessica Lange, and that creepy rubber suit.

FEARNET: A lot of this second season is kind of shrouded in mystery. We know a few basic things and the previews are super creepy, but can you tell me a little bit about your role?

JDT: Well, not really, to be honest with you. (Laughs) I’m sort of sworn to secrecy, but I can tell you a little bit. Adam Levine and I play lovers and we go to this insane asylum and all Hell breaks loose. That’s pretty much what I can tell you. (Laughs) It’s frightening. It’s definitely scarier than the last season. There’s some pretty shocking stuff that we do. I think it’s just going to be really fun for people to see something completely different than what I’ve ever done. And also, just a great season with really great actors. Everyone in it is just unbelievable.

FEARNET: Season one had this great balance of horrifying and sexy and creepy. Where do you feel like the balance falls in the new season?

JDT: It’s funny because all of our stuff is quite separate. You know, we’re all kind of shooting our own thing. So, in my storyline, it’s all of that. It is creepy. It is definitely sexy. It is scary. It is… You name it, we do it. So it is really quite fun and quite shocking. I think people are going to be really excited about this season.

FEARNET: So there’s a chance we might see a rubber suit again at some point. Who knows?

JDT: You know… Never say never with Ryan Murphy. Anything goes. (Laughs)

FEARNET: How was it working with the rest of the cast, especially everybody who worked with Ryan last season?

JDT: It was great. Well, I can’t really tell you, but you’ll see when you watch it. (Laughs)

FEARNET: You didn’t get to work with everybody. Let’s just put it that way.

JDT: Yeah, exactly.

FEARNET: But you at least enjoyed getting to meet those people that you might not have met before?

JDT: Yeah, yeah, definitely. I had a great time. When I met Jessica Lange, it was very… I mean, she just carries this aura about her that is really sexy and very earthy and I was very struck by her when I met her. I’ve been a fan of hers forever, so it was nice to meet her and see her in action. She’s amazing.

FEARNET: You’re coming into a show that’s already established, but it’s also completely new for this year. It’s kind of a rare situation. Did you feel more or less pressure because of that?

JDT: I actually didn’t feel pressure as much as I felt really excited to be a part of it. You know, you always sort of have the first day jitters. This, any movie I’ve ever done, any project – I always have this nervous excitement. You’re getting your feet wet and getting used to the crew and director. So there was a little bit of that just being part of a show that I personally love so much and I think is so creatively fantastic. But, immediately, it was just so fun and easy, and the crew was unbelievable. They’re just amazing. Everyone was on their game so it just made the whole experience a lot easier. It’s also kind of fun doing a role where you have a partner. Adam and I were like partners in every scene, so it kind of felt like both of us were the new kids and we got to experience it together, which makes it a little easier.

FEARNET: Is there anything else you’d love fans to know about this new season?

JDT: I just think people should tune in. The best thing about the show is that there’s nothing like it on TV, and it will never be what you expect. I think people will be frightened, have a lot of fun, and it’s a good show to have a party and have people over to watch. I don’t know who can watch this by themselves. (Laughs)