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Interview with OK!

What has been the biggest difference living together and working together?

Jenna: Well, I mean, I guess it was easy. We’re playing a couple that has been together for quite some years, playing a boyfriend and girlfriend that have been together for a while, that chemistry was obviously already there. We have a very playful energy together in real life and I think we sort of just injected that into Jake and Jess and we didn’t put too much pressure on it, to be honest. It was just sort of a bunch of friends getting together and saying, ‘This would be a fun movie to make,’ so not a lot of pressure and thought went into it.

Channing: I think that you’ve got to behave the same. It’s not like, ‘We’re working now so I don’t have to respect you!’ No, it’s pretty much the same, I’d say.
You mentioned how you and Channing injected a bit of yourselves into your character’s relationship. What was it like being a real-life couple playing a couple onscreen?

Jenna: It was very easy. Like I said, most of it was improv and a lot of it was just us going off our natural chemistry as people and we injected some drama in there just so that there was something to watch.

Channing: You’ve got to figure out exactly where to bring your own relationship into it. We really did try to be different people than we really are in our actual relationship. I reallylike some of the choices that she made – the strong sort of alright I’m going to leave you here and let you figure this out type thing – when ultimately, I don’t think that she would ever do that. She’d be like, ‘No, no. You’re coming with me!” And I’d be like, ‘Copy that! I’m coming.’ [laughs]

10 Years is your second movie as a couple. Are there any more films in thefuture for you two?

Jenna: Yeah, maybe! If there’s a great script, a great idea that makes sense for us in the future, I’m sure we’d love to do it.

Channing: I want to get her dancing again in movies. I mean, we’ll probably – we have some ideas for some crazy dance-icals. [laughs]

What makes Jenna the perfect co-star?

Channing: Because she’s my loved one. She’s my baby. I mean, I’m with her all the time, might as well just turn the cameras on.

You filmed 10 Years in Albuquerque, New Mexico and with all that time spent off set, what’s your favorite memory or moment hanging out with your cast mates?

Channing: We drank a lot on set and I’ve never done that really before. That was interesting, but every night we would end going to the bar, going to the bar and hanging out with all the hilarious people that we have in this movie – just watching everybody get crazy was [great] and Albuquerque, so it was pretty nutty. It got pretty nutty on certain nights playing –what’s the dance revolution game? Dance Dance Revolution, where it has the camera and we’re all in this room and we’re all dancing. She’s [Jenna] killing it and I’m laughing. It was nuts! When you have [ChrisPratt andAubrey Plaza – I mean, they’re bananas. Justin Long and Max [Minghella], it’s craziness.

Would you ever do a Magic Mike sequel? And if so, are there any plans for you to take on the role of director?

Channing: Yeah, you know, we’ve thought about it. It’s such a crazy movie we can’t not do a sequel, but it’s hard to think about doing the sequel without [StevenSoderbergh, you know? Soderbergh is done done. I think he’s in Hawaii as we speak. He’s like really gone. He’s like literally gone and we’re like, ‘Sh**!’ I don’t know, if Reid [Carolin] and I are smart then I don’t think our first film directing should be following Steven Soderbergh. If we’re smart at all, we won’t do that, but I’m not sure how smart we are! [laughs] I think we’ll end up doing Greg Jacobs, it was his producer and longtime friend. They’ve done like twenty-five movies together and he produced Magic Mike as well so maybe him.

Let’s talk American Horror Story! I know you can’t divulge too many secrets, but what has it been like working with Adam Levine?

Jenna: Oh, he’s wonderful. He’s the nicest man. He’s so talented and the greatest co-star. We actually had a blast. We laughed a lot, had a lot of fun. He’s a friend of mine today.


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